Q:How about location of Hiyoshi ?
A:Hiyoshi is located at middle of Toyoko Line between Tokyo Shibuya and Yokohma.
So it is very convenient to go to both side. Hiyoshi is so called school zone.
There are Keio University,Keio High school and Nihon University High school.
Sopping street, department store, convenient store, restaurant, post office, bank etc.
Are located at west side of Hiyoshi station. Every necessary facilities for living are concentrated and very convenient.
Out flat is 100m and only 2min from Hiyoshi station.
Q:How to make reservation ?
A:After you find required room,please confirm availability by tel or e-mail.
After that, you are requested to send necessary information shown at Reservation column of our website. By return,you can get room no and Detail information for check in.
Q:Is guarantor requested?
A:Not requested. However in case of emergency, your contact person is requested.
Q:Is it possible to preview room in advance?
A:Any time is possible. Please call us in advance.
Q:How long is minimum day for stay?
A:Minimum stay is one month. However over 2 weeks can be possible by paying 4000yen/day. Other conditions than rent is remained as same.
Q:How many person can stay per one room?
A:It is different from type of room. Type A, B, D, F are 2person and type C and E are one person. Charge for one person add is 5000yen/m.
Q:Can foreigner stay?
A:No problem to stay. Passport is necessary. English is used.
Q:Is it possible to cancel reservation?
A:Cancel charge will occur according to timing of cancel. Before one week is No charge.
From one week to one day before is half month rent.
Checkin day is one month rent. This is because the room is secured by refusing other guest's request.
Q:Is it possible to extend tenancy period?
A:Monthly tenancy agreement is based on fixed period tenancy agreement of Japanese law. So it is possible to extend agreement to make new agreement after expire of previous agreement.
Q:Is it possible to terminate tenancy agreement in half way?
A:It is possible but it is necessary to informe termination of agreement in one month advance. It is possible to terminate agreement immediately by paying one month rent.
Q:Time and method of payment of charges
A:In case of personel agreement, payment is made by cash and check-in time.
In case of company agreement, payment is made by bank transfer and before Check-in time. Credit card can not be used.
Q:Do you replace bed sheet?
A:We do not replace bed sheet. You are requested to do by yourself.

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