Followings are impression of our guest who have staied in our flat before.
We believe these information will be useful to you.

Thank you for your kind support.I have staied three monthes during reform Of my house.It is very near to my house and my desired room.
Convenient store, 99shop and cleaning shop are very near and convenient.
Since I am old,elevator had been very useful.We are very near. Seeing you again.
Stay:Hiyoshi K.I

Thank you for our stay for almost one year at your flat. Veranda of 5th floor is wide and we could enjoy nice view and very comfortable.
Location of my company is Musashikosugi and it takes only 5min from Hiyoshi Station by Toyoko line, Meguro Line and Hibiya Line.
Shop street is provided many function and very convenient.Thank you for long support.
Stay:Urawa E.S

Thank you for your support for almost one year. Full furnished flat is very useful for especially overseers guest like me.Location of my working place is Musashinakahara of Nanbu line.
So it is very near and convenient. I usually go to company by bicycle.
There are many shops in Hiyoshi however it is a little expensive. So I go to Blamen Street of Motosumiyoshi for shopping.
Since caretaker stay at day time, it is very useful to receive parcel and registered mail.Thanks in advance for next business trip.
Stay: China F.C

Thank you for my two month stay. Since my Japanese company is located at Landmark of Minatomirai, it is very convenient to take only one train line,Toyoko and Minatomorai line.
At Hiyoshi, shop street is concentrated. Department store and big shopping centre is also very near and convenient. Street from staion is near , bright and safe.
Thank you very much for sunny and nice view room.
Stay;Netherlands K.L

I stayed one month in order to join summer school of Keio University in August.
First half is at Hiyoshi and latter half is at Mita. So Hiyoshi is convenient for both and one line to Mita by Meguro line. Stand is useful for study at night.
Thanks in advance for next year summer school.
Stay:Kagoshima Y.T

Thank you for one year stay.My company is located at Center Kita station of green line of Yokohama city subway and it is convenient from Hiyoshi.
Even in midnight one o'clock, around Hiyoshi station is bright and no problem after overtime work.
Flat is only 2 min from station and convenient.Many thanks.
Stay:Fukuoka K.Y

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